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It’s now easier than ever to share and track a visual soundbite of your podcast across social media. For visual learners, check out the Youtube tutorial at the bottom of this post!

Since Videobites launched in April 2021, we’ve been so excited to see creators sharing the most engaging moments of their episodes across the web. To get you sharing and growing your podcast’s audience, here are a five interesting ideas for how you can use the Videobites to grow your show.

5 Fun Ways to Grow Your Podcast with Videobites

  • “Best Of” Series — Create a mash-up for the end of the year or your podcast season featuring your favorite or top performing moments—these could be your best jokes, interview moments, or anything you choose based on your podcast type. 
  • Throwback Machine — Resurface old gems and evergreen insights to old and new fans alike. Good audio content can engage your audience for years to come, and help you connect while you’re brainstorming your next episodes. 
  • Join the Conversation — Is something trending in the news that you covered in a prior episode? Participate in the online conversation by sharing your point of view with new audiences, allowing you to stay topical without creating new audio content.
  • Hot Takes — Do you have a tendency to tell it like it is? Share your boldness with your audience, front and center, with exact soundbites around the moments you served your truth. 
  • Refine your Content — Dig into the data and learn what content speaks to your audience the most. Set your content strategy accordingly, taking into account what your listeners come to your podcast to hear as you record future episodes and choose segments for sharing as Videobites.

What’s New With Videobites?

For creators new to this feature, Videobites allow you to visualize your audio with shareable clips for social media. Each videobite includes the closed-captioning (which you can edit) and they look great when shared to Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Today, videos are a leading driver of engagement on social media, and by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

So, let’s get ahead of the trend, and dive into the two big Videobites upgrades that make them easier to share and simpler to track.

The New Videobite: Two Key Upgrades

Videobites Link-Sharing and Analytics Preview

First, you can share Videobites as a link that will embed your video clip into your social accounts without having to upload them manually. This means after you create a Videobite, you can just copy and paste its link into any platform such as Facebook or Twitter, and your Videobite load automatically into the post.

Second, your Videobite link will collect data from any platform where it’s shared and will show its streaming data in your Sounder Plus analytics dashboard. As you publish multiple Videobites, you will be able to assess which segments from your show are the most engaging to your audience. Then, you can go out and make more! 

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Ready to get started? If you’re already using Sounder Plus, you can login to your account, go to an episode page and click the Share tab. If you’re new to Sounder or ready to upgrade your current Sounder plan to benefit from many new features, click here to learn more. 

Stay tuned for our next blog post which covers tips and tricks Plus creators can leverage to customize their podcast even more. Happy Podcasting!