And the 1 thing you need to start today. (Hint: it’s not a microphone.)

2022 is a Prime Year to Start a Podcast.

If you’re here, you’ve probably seen it around the web—blogs and newswriters are championing the rapid growth in popularity of podcasting in the last year. In fact, podcast listeners are the fastest growing media audience and increasingly diverse

Now’s a better time than ever to start your show. With broadcast radio on the decline, listeners are turning to podcasts as the new audio medium for news, entertainment and education. Plus, companies such as Sounder are bringing the latest technology into intelligent tools to empower creators to grow and monetize their show efficiently. 

Still, WHY start a show? It’s great to wake up in a renaissance period, but what could hosting a podcast do for you? 

Let’s Dive In.

Listicle Showing the 5 ways podcasting can change your life
1. Discover and Embrace Who You Are

Self-love and acceptance are radical acts that take intentional time and effort. Hosting a podcast creates routine chances to test and develop this muscle. Take Stephanie Fuccio of the Geopats Podcast Network. In this article, she shares how podcasting helped her heal social awkwardness, boldly stand up for her beliefs, and recover from anxiety with the help of creative acceptance from listeners.

2. Build Your Network and Opportunity Potential. 

It’s easier than you think to get industry players and thought leaders to be guests on your show. Check out Hank Green, for example. After growing his podcast since 2015, he now hosts celebrities like Ryan Reynolds on his show, Dear Hank & John

Reach out via social or email, and you’ll be surprised how often an intelligent or talented individual is excited to join you for an interview. You’ll have conversations that touch on subjects that you never would have otherwise, leading to unique bonds. These relationships will surprise you with opportunities to take your life in new directions.

3. Heal Loneliness by Finding Community

Loneliness is a leading destroyer of creativity and wellness. It increases our risk for depression, lack of motivation, and even heart disease. With podcasting, you build deep relationships with your guests, listeners, and industry peers. Audio is a more intimate communication medium—65% of listeners report paying close attention when listening to podcasts, more than any other medium.

See Olivia Ho as an example, and how her podcast, This Teenage Life, helped her cope with pandemic loneliness as she hosted guests and built a community that continues to grow with her to this day. As COVID-19 continues to upend our normal way of living, working, and communicating, podcasting is one of the best tools for being open with others and creating close connections from a distance.

4. Unleash Your Creativity

Humans are born to be creative and curious. It’s key to healthy aging, and we suffer when we are forced into boring work routines. Podcasts are a great way to tap into one’s inner creativity. Your show can take any direction or experiment you wish, and it grows with you on the journey while delivering greater returns over time.

5. Create New Streams of Income

Building a podcast audience and a network of high profile individuals are the two fastest ways to create opportunities to start and grow your business. As you build trust and authority, you’re also building a community of prospects for future courses, coaching programs, live events, merch and more. As your show grows, you can monetize its streams and downloads. Learn more from David Alan of the Podcast Whisperer in his Reddit AMA, where he answers questions on how he grew from podcasting as a hobbyist to full-time. For creators on Sounder—it’s easy to monetize your show at any point in your journey.

And the ONE thing you need to begin?

Start Today: All you need is an interest.

That’s it. The mic on your phone is fine to start. There are powerful free tools for editing and polishing your audio, if you want to. All you need is that intrinsic desire to connect with others through podcasting. Then, decide what type of show and conversations you want to have. 

Are you ready to take your turn at the mic?

We want to see.

Start here for free with Sounder, featuring the most advanced suite of tools on the market for getting your content discovered and heard.

Go forth with confidence on the only podcast platform bringing Audio Intelligence technology directly to creators, so you can tap into data and smart tools to grow your show effectively.