A Simple Vision and Alignment Tool For Any Business — V2MOM

Your original strategy cannot be 100% set in stone. It must, however, be strong and malleable enough to be hammered, stretched, poked and prodded out of shape without breaking or cracking. As the industry landscape changes, your strategy will shift shape multiple times over and your purpose and passion will get you through the inevitable tough times.

Once you have your Vision, Purpose, and Values, it is essential that you develop ways to align and communicate these into an easy to understand and action producing document. We will discuss a variety of tools that you can use to help with communication, alignment, and transparency. Feel free to use the tool that works best for you, your company and team. You can use one of these tools, all of these tools or your own, do what feels right. Explore, test and revise, you will eventually find the best tool that works for you.


In 1999, Marc Benioff and the co-founders of Salesforce.com, wrote down their vision of the company on the back of a large American Express envelope. They wanted to develop something that would allow them to adapt continuously while aligning and communicating the company’s visions and goals throughout a fast-growing company. They called it, V2MOM, pronounced “V2 MOM”. This acronym stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures. This tool is extremely easy to digest and can be understood by anyone.

Vision helped them define what they wanted to be and do. The Values, in order, set the principles that guided the vision. The Methods communicated to everyone the actions that needed to be taken to get the job done. The Obstacles outlined the challenges, pain points and problems they would have to overcome to achieve their vision. Finally, Measures was the actual result they aimed to achieve. This was their GPS, their map of where they wanted to go and the tool to help them get there.

Below is the actual first Salesforce.com V2MOM that was completed on 4/12/1999.

Marc says, “The beauty of the V2M0M is that the same structure works for every phase in the life cycle of an organization. We’ve used it as a business plan for our start-up, and we find the same construct to be effective for outlining the annual goals of a public company.”

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