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You can’t grow what you can’t measure. Data and insights are the backbone in driving improved podcast performance. By tracking the right data, podcast creators, agencies, and networks can better understand their overall content health and growth.

Analytics are a powerful tool for:

  • Testing new subjects/formats with your audience and tracking their response
  • Presenting key data to sponsors and monetization partners to secure deals
  • Reviewing which of your growth tactics, like social sharing, are working or not

At Sounder, we’ve rethought how we visualize important metrics so that every podcaster or network can better understand performance in just a few clicks.

Let’s dive into what’s new in your Analytics Dashboard.

Update #1: Multi-Episode and Show Comparison

Another new feature in your Analytics dashboard is the ability to compare multiple episodes and even multiple podcasts across any custom time frame. From podcasters to indie publishing houses, we have you covered! 

Creators can now compare up to five episodes, from one or multiple podcasts, in a single chart to review streaming and listener metrics over a set time period. This is a great way to assess the performance of different themes, guests, or other strategic experiments. 

For example, say you take three top performing episodes and test different growth strategies in the same month. You can now compare the results across those episodes for streams and listeners.

By comparing episodes across multiple shows, teams can assess the ongoing health of their overall podcast catalog each week.

New Update 5/24: We’ve added an “All Episodes” tab to the “Compare Episodes” section, so creators can search and review the total streaming performance of any episode within a set time.

Image: Episode Comparison Graph

Update #2: Multi-Show Reporting

Get a bird’s eye view of how multiple or all of the podcasts in your catalog are performing and generating revenue.

For podcasters or agencies with multiple shows, you can now review streaming data across all of your podcasts, and you can compare episode performance between shows each week. 

Image: Setting Up a Multi-Show Report

Update #3: Summarized Insights with Time Comparison

We’ve brought streams and revenue to the top of your Analytics Dashboard so you can quickly grasp the performance of one or multiple podcasts in a time period of your choice. 

With the new summary pane, creators can:

  • Customize timeframe for review —  You can set streaming data across 7-day, 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, and all-time periods for one or multiple podcasts in your Sounder account.
  • Compare podcast performance to previous periods — Once you set your current time period, you’ll see how your show’s performance compares to the prior period. For example, you’ll see in your dashboard if you accrued 20% more streams this week versus last week.
  • Review revenue summary across time periods — Review revenue data across and timeframe comparisons across 7-day, 30-day, and other timeframes for one or all of the podcasts hosted on your account. You can also review ad impressions, to share with sponsors and in proposals.  
Image: Summarized Performance Insights

Update #4: Scheduled Email Reporting

To make data review more routine and convenient, we’ve introduced a scheduler for automating the delivery of analytics reports to your email. Now, you can review the podcast metrics that matter both on and off Sounder without having to navigate to the analytics tab. Data is now at your fingertips.

To get started, simply go to the scheduler tab (shown below) and choose the timeframe, podcast (or selection of podcasts), and reporting frequency. For example, in just four clicks you can set up a weekly email report containing your podcast’s streaming, revenue, demographic data and more.

Image: Email Report Scheduler

Update #5: New Analytics-Powered Homepage Experience

Lastly, we’ve updated the homepage to deliver the most essential information as an overview when you log in. You’ll see a snapshot of how your entire catalog is performing with time comparisons as well as details on performance per podcast without navigating to the Analytics tab.

Image: New Homepage Analytics

Let us know what you think!

We’re excited to bring the most advanced Audio Intelligence technology and tools to all podcasters. This is yet another step towards supporting an open ecosystem that empowers creators to thrive. Data unlocks a podcaster’s potential, and we’re eager to see how this update will help catapult your shows to the next level. Looking to tap into this type of data?

As always, we’re here to listen and to help. Have feedback or a new idea that’d improve your podcasting experience at Sounder? Message us at support@sounder.fm!