We’re thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Audiohook to bring automated brand safety and contextual insights to the leading demand-side platform.

Audiohook will integrate Sounder’s data and technology across the full purchase lifecycle for audio ad campaigns. This will provide greater transparency to audio advertisers across a wide range of content.

Before advertisers execute a campaign on Audiohook, they will be able to set brand safety and contextual targeting parameters. This improves how these marketers are able to buy audio ad inventory, increasing confidence that inventory purchased meets their brand’s values and guidelines. After the campaign runs, marketers will see brand safety verification and contextual insights in their reporting. These insights will confirm that the media delivered met the previously set parameters and guidelines.

Here’s what Audiohook Founder and CEO Jordan Bentley said today:

“To date, transcriptions only exist for the most popular podcasts, but not for the rest, which greatly limits the supply of brand-safe content for advertisers. Sounder’s ability to process and analyze the head as well as the long-tail of audio content for context, brand safety and other key parameters—even for content they’re not exclusively hosting—is a game-changer.”