We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with BAM Strategy to provide market intelligence tools and contextual insights to the agency.

BAM Strategy is a leading independent digital marketing agency operating from Montreal and Brooklyn. With this partnership, BAM Strategy will leverage Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud to help their clients identify brand-safe, relevant audio placements for advertising campaigns. 

By integrating Sounder’s data and technology into their customer journey, media planning, and contextual targeting strategies, BAM Strategy will provide greater insight and transparency to its clients across a wider range of content than previously possible. 

Here’s what BAM Strategy’s SVP Adam Muscott had to say:

“As audio evolves from a digital perspective, it has more intelligent ways for us to target, and Sounder’s technology is a key part of that. We see ourselves as extensions of our brand clients, and want to help our brands find the most relevant, brand-safe and brand-suitable content in which to place their message. Sounder helps us find highly relevant podcast inventory we wouldn’t have known about or been able to target previously.”