Hey Podcasters, Watch Your Keywords Autocorrect Themselves

We just made transcription editing way easier & more powerful. As soon as we launched our handy Transcription Editor, the feedback rolled in. After scrutinizing the good, the bad, and the ugly, we realized that our community was experiencing some pretty common transcription errors–ones that fell into common categories like names (shouldn’t that be Sounder’sContinue reading “Hey Podcasters, Watch Your Keywords Autocorrect Themselves”

Videobites Just Got Even Cooler

Get pumped podcasters! One of our favorite Sounder Plus tools just got even better. We’ve added even more customization features to help you make your sharable content just as unique as your podcast is. Our enhanced Videobites feature helps make sharing the best parts of your podcast on social even more customizable and distinct forContinue reading “Videobites Just Got Even Cooler”

Podnods joins Sounder!

When we started Sounder, our goal was to build amazing tools to add real value to the evolving podcasting ecosystem. Over the past 20 months, we’ve spent time with podcasters and the audio community to do just that. As Sounder, we’ve heavily invested in research and development to help creators of all sizes with trueContinue reading “Podnods joins Sounder!”