We are excited to be named as DAX’s automated brand safety verification partner. The partnership will help podcast advertisers confidently and transparently run audio ad campaigns.

At launch, advertisers will be able to safely invest in DAX’s expansive catalog of content—reaching 100M+ listeners per month—while ensuring their ads appear alongside content that aligns to their brand’s values.

Sounder’s brand safety solution leverages proprietary technology to enable large publishers to quickly gain access to auto-generated insights across their vast libraries of content. These insights include episode ratings, full transcripts, keywords, summaries, topics, and more. This data allows for publishers to maximize the value of their content by opening it up to more marketing investment.

Additionally, this partnership will open up brand-safe DAX podcast ad inventory to programmatic marketplaces. This includes The Trade Desk (the leading demand-side platform that many DAX and Global clients use).

Here’s what DAX CEO Les Hollander said today:

“Advertisers want to make educated audience buying decisions about what content is right for their brand and their customers. Sounder’s brand safety solution lets us provide this information automatically, transparently, and at scale across our entire catalog. Automated brand solutions are now at the forefront of verifying the suitability of content and making podcast audience buying easier.”

Next, here’s what The Trade Desk Director of Audio Inventory Partnership Tomas Rodriguez said today:

“Brand safety controls are critical components that our advertising clients have waited for to ensure they can safely invest in the programmatic podcasting marketplace. With this technology we will be able to bring a wide array of brand marketer demand into podcasting, resulting in a better experience for listeners and more revenue for content creators.”