See Everywhere You Can Be Discovered In One Dashboard and Then Connect Your Show to Every Potential Listener

Today, we are excited to launch two exciting distribution updates for every Sounder creator.

The first is the creation of a new Distribution tab. This enables everyone to see which podcast listening apps currently distribute their show and choose new channels for distribution.

The second is updates to the flow of podcast creation and episode publishing. Creators can now to start a new podcast and publish an episode faster than ever before using Sounder.

Let’s jump in—

Update #1: One Distribution Dashboard to Rule Them All

While Spotify, Apple, and Google account for 61% of all podcast listeners, having your podcast distributed to the other top listening apps maximizes your show’s reach by making it discoverable for listeners on those platforms (aka the remaining 39).

With today’s launch of the distribution tab for all Sounder creators, you can now:

  • See the top 15 platforms where you can distribute your podcast on one clean page
  • See which platforms you have/have not distributed your show to
  • Distribute and/or claim your show on any streamer in a few clicks
  • Collect streaming data across all listening platforms into your one Sounder dashboard

Distribution matters. It helps you connect with every listener, regardless of their podcasting listening app of choice. For example, Podchaser is focused on listener feedback and sharing of shows. Meanwhile, Pocket Casts brings new tools for search and discovery, appealing to listeners digging for the next specific show to match their interests. These platforms compete and grow their audiences across people who prefer different user experiences. So once someone loves Podchaser and mostly streams from there, you’ll want your show there too.

Discovery comes first. It’s the top of your growth strategy, and wide distribution is table stakes to growing your show’s reach with your Sounder account. Lastly, once a listener discovers you on one platform, they can find and follow you anywhere: socials, other streaming platforms, your website and email list, etc.

Simply put—More distribution means more exposure, streams, and analytics data to help you refine your craft and maximize your content’s monetization potential. 

Update #2: A Streamlined Approach to Show and Episode Creation

In the spirit of improving the efficiency of creators on our platform, we’ve also updated the steps for creating a show and publishing episodes. You can now launch your show with only the four key requirements for your RSS feed: cover art, show title, description and category. All other fields can be added optionally or after your show is live.

Episode creation is also more flexible. You can add in your episode’s headline, description, and other details before uploading your audio to better prepare for your release, as well as edit your monetization settings before publishing.

Give it a test spin and let us know what you think!

As always, Sounder is here to design our products with and for creators. We’re always listening to give you the edge you need to grow your show effectively and efficiently, so you can focus on the creative work. 

Have feedback or a new idea that’d improve the podcasting experience for all creators with Sounder? Message us at support@sounder.fm!

Cheers to your next episode getting published faster and being heard across the entire pod-verse!