When we first launched Sounder in 2019, we focused on ensuring audio creators of all sizes could improve their podcast’s discoverability, engagement, and monetization. Over the last few years, we’ve made serious strides—building tools to help creators manage, grow, monetize, and track their content.

As I shared last week, what we’ve discovered through conversations with hundreds of industry stakeholders is that it’s a real challenge to have access to the data and insights required to make decisions and act. In response, we’re going to be focusing our attention on the biggest opportunity in audio: building data solutions for audio. We are hyper-focused on continuing to build out the world’s leading brand safety, brand suitability, and contextual targeting solutions for audio content.

In order to focus all of our effort on data solutions, we have decided to shut down the Sounder podcasting platform on January 31, 2023. All advertising solutions will stop operating a month earlier on December 31, 2022. Many of our largest creators will be moving to Spreaker, and we invite our creators to move there or to one any of the other high-quality hosting platforms available today. Throughout this transition process, our entire team is dedicated to helping ensure every creator on our hosting platform migrates to the right new host to continue growing their content. Please check out our FAQs to learn about next steps for your show and reach out to support@sounder.fm if you have any additional concerns.

To the thousands of audio creators on the Sounder platform, THANK YOU. Your engagement, feedback, and support have made our products and services what they are today. We wish you the absolute best in continuing to build your audiences and refine your craft.

About Kal Amin
Kal Amin is Sounder’s Co-founder and CEO. He has spent 20+ years in the media and technology space and has held executive roles at some of the leading global technology platforms. Prior to Sounder, Kal previously served as the VP of Global Business Operations at Spotify, GM of Sponsored Listings at AOL, Director of Global Market Development at Google, and most recently as the COO of content curation platform Flipboard.