Sounder Organizations is a premium user management functionality helping podcast teams of all sizes manage their shows in one secure workspace

Sounder Organizations

In an effort to support multi-teamed and enterprise audio creators drive collaboration and streamline efficiency, we are launching our next generation of user management functionality, called Organizations. We started Sounder with our sights set on becoming an end-to-end platform for growing podcasters of all sizes. From new creators with one podcast to large publishers with hundreds, we aim to deliver technology solutions for all stages of audio development.

Manage Your Podcasting Team With Ease 

What Is Organizations?

Organizations is a premium, user management functionality that lives in the account settings of the Sounder Dashboard. Organizations allows a podcast team to collaborate on one or multiple podcasts, all in one secure workspace.

How Does It Work?

The Organization Owner has full admin rights and the ability to create an Organization for each podcast they own. Owners not only act as the gatekeeper on the individual podcast level, they can also holistically manage, track, and measure all of the shows in their account.

Each member of a podcast team can be assigned a specific role per podcast. Team members can only view at their access level, assigned by the Organization Owner, so an entire production team can move without friction. 

Organization Admin is able to migrate a podcast into the Organization and has viewing and editing rights to all podcasts within the Organization. An Organization Viewer can view but does not have editing rights. A Podcast Owner is the owner of one podcast in the Organization. They are able to migrate a podcast into the Organization and have viewing and editing rights to that podcast. A Podcast Admin can edit and view the podcast. A Podcast Viewer can only view.

Why Is It Important?

Because growing podcasters, publishers, podcast studios, agencies and enterprise creators shouldn’t share one login. This user management functionality creates a secure environment to manage who has access to what for your podcasts. Owner, admin and view-only roles at both the organizational and individual podcast levels create built-in efficiencies to help manage, scale and grow your business!

Organizations Is Perfect For…

We can’t take full credit for this new user management functionality. Our Sounder creators and the podcast community are the ones who asked for more autonomous collaboration on the platform! After hearing what was needed, we conducted extensive market research to craft a solution that would benefit creators of all sizes. Organizations is perfect for…

1. Small to Large Indie Creators

You know them and you love them. Smaller indie shows typically have teams helping them run their shows but are not part of a larger network. They may have producers, editors, production assistants, or marketers who need to access various aspects of each episode. Indie creators benefit from Organizations by being able to add their podcast production team to their Sounder account. Now the host can worry about recording and seamlessly delegate the rest to their team.

2. Podcast Agencies

Most podcast agencies, like Sweet Fish Media, and podcast production companies, like Audivita Studios, have a team of producers who need access to all the podcasts they oversee. Podcast owners, however, only need access to their individual show and not to others from across the agency. Podcast agencies can benefit from Organizations to ensure that the correct visibility permissions are active across their clients and employees. Plus, as team members join or leave the agency, they need a way to adjust what members are associated with a given podcast.

3. Publisher Networks

We found that large networks can have up to 500 podcasts in their ecosystem! They have hundreds of employees across structured departments and workstreams producing tons of podcasts. Each podcast has a team of at least five creators, producers, and marketers that bring the podcast to life. Imagine everyone having to fumble with one single login! We’ve heard from many network administrators in the industry that they want a way to give different levels of access to their team. For instance, some users will need to see all podcasts, others just one. Some users will need the ability to upload new content and adjust previously entered fields, others will need to just view the content that is already there or check on analytics. Our Organizations feature solves all of this.

Always Listening To Our Community 

Our founders started this company on a napkin, grounded with a set of core beliefs, values, and principles. As we grow, our true North continues to be making every creator successful by building tools that support an open and thriving creator ecosystem. And we do so alongside our community.

The best part of Organizations is that it came straight from our community. Through conversations with publishers and podcast studios, we learned that there was a major need for accessibility, permissions, and multi-user management within our platform. So we built it. Signup for a Sounder Plus Account to try it out with your podcast team!

As we keep building tools with our community in mind, we aim to create the ultimate end-to-end audio platform. We know that our best ideas are simply solutions. Have an idea? Feedback? We’re always looking to improve and innovate! Drop us a line at support@sounder.fm or get in touch via social media @sounder.fm.

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