We just made transcription editing way easier & more powerful.

As soon as we launched our handy Transcription Editor, the feedback rolled in. After scrutinizing the good, the bad, and the ugly, we realized that our community was experiencing some pretty common transcription errors–ones that fell into common categories like names (shouldn’t that be Sounder’s co-founder & COO “Dan Daugherty” not “Dan Daurty”), geographic locations (“Charleston” or “Charlestown”–lemme check), brands (oh, let’s change that to “Podnods”), and a smattering of other things that were easily organizable.

What did we learn? At Sounder, transcription editing shouldn’t just be about helping you correct the misspelling of keywords. It’s also a huge opportunity to DO something with keywords! See what we did there?

Basically, if you ever wanted to hold hands with our AI and stroll down the metaphorical streets of your podcast episodes, here’s your chance. Instead of gazing at the sunset like you might with your partner at the beach, just look at your screen and scan the list of keywords to the right of your transcription box. Edit one of those keywords, and ta-da: it will automatically (our team actually prefers the term “auto-magically”) be corrected in the rest of your episode. Plus, if you think a particular keyword is in the wrong category, you can put it into another one. Now, for the spoiler alert: we’ll keep updating our current selection of categories.

Overall, the process of transcription editing should get easier, faster, and more rewarding in terms of your experience and your reward. Let’s take a moment to set the scene. Once you start editing, it might feel like you and our AI have some real chemistry–like you’re practically reading each other’s minds! That’s what we’re going for. What’s cool, though, is that the more you use our Transcription Editor, the more we can improve the robust Machine-Learning tech that we’re committed to offering all our creators. 

And how about the reward? Well, once you fix a keyword and our Transcription Editor updates it throughout your episode, that word can help accelerate your podcast via Sounder’s exceptional Audio SEO. In a recent blog post here, we tackle how keywords can leverage and improve SEO and, consequently, bring listeners straight to the episodes of your podcast that they’ll dig most. If you want to convert more listeners, keywords are your breadcrumbs, SEO is your trail, and Sounder is here to help you keep growing your audience. 

As new listeners find your podcast, they can enjoy the accurate captions and transcriptions that unfold in sync with your Sounder Player, which will make each episode more understandable, translatable, and professional. Plus, when you need to quickly use our Videobites feature to grab a promotional snippet of an episode, you can trust that the transcription is good to go. The idea here is that listeners from diverse cultures, languages, backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives should have an accessible way to connect with your work.

You’ve heard it before, but seriously, there’s no reason to rough it through the technical terrain of your podcast expedition. When you reflect on past eras of land discovery, you might recall Lewis and Clark. Now, as you’re living through this era of podcast discovery, we’re betting on listeners (present and future) thinking about you and Sounder. 

If you’re half as excited as we are about this new Transcription Editor, then your mind is probably spinning with ideas about how it will elevate your audio game. We feel ya, and sometimes when you think you might be getting ahead of yourself, you’re actually on the verge of getting ahead. Along those lines, if you haven’t upgraded to Sounder Plus yet, maybe today’s the day? Check it out here.

Meanwhile, as you try out the new Transcription Editor, please send us your feedback. It’s a “beta” feature that can only become a better one.

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