How Much do Podcast Jobs Pay?

Similar to how Google and Facebook created new job opportunities within the advertising space, the podcast industry is on a similar path.

According to ZipRecruiter, there are currently 751 podcast specific podcast jobs within the US. Obviously, this isn’t every single job but just the available podcast jobs within ZipRecruiter.

How much do podcast jobs pay?

SimplyHired says they have 2,193 podcast related jobs within the US. 65 posted within the last 24 hours, 332 within the last 7 days, 599 within last 14 days and 1,052 within the last 30 days. Their data show that the average podcast job salary is rough $74,000 per year.

The median national average salary for podcast related jobs according to ZipRecruiter is $54,321. The low-end is around $20,000 and the high-end is around $130,500.

The top companies with current podcast related jobs are:

  • iHeartMedia — 90 available podcast jobs
  • RiderFlex (Recruiter)— 28 available podcast jobs
  • Recorded Future — 25 available podcast jobs
  • WaitWhat — 10 available podcast jobs
  • Apple — 10 available podcast jobs
  • Vox Media — 9 available podcast jobs
  • Spotify — 7 available podcast jobs
  • Cumulus Media — 7 available podcast jobs

How much does a podcast producer make?

According to Glassdoor, the national average for a podcast producer is $65,133.

They also have 181 podcast jobs with a minimum salary of $105,000 and 552 podcast jobs with a minimum salary of $60,000.

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