At Sounder, we are thrilled with the attention that podcasting’s explosive growth has garnered this year.

As one of the fastest-growing digital media channels, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) predicts podcast ad revenue will top $2 billion this year and surpass $4 billion by 2024.

This growth stems from two key factors:

Still, as my colleague and Sounder CEO, Kal Amin highlighted following this year’s IAB Audio Leadership Gathering (ALG)—the biggest question remains: “How can we work together to build the infrastructure and solutions needed to scale audio monetization into having as much success with consumers as established digital mediums?”

Automated Brand Safety in the eyes of myself and the team, is the foundational solution at the bottom of a pyramid of multiple audio data solutions that will be essential to the audio industry’s future evolution.
A few of these fundamental solutions are:

  • Brand Safety & Suitability
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Industry-wide Market Intelligence & Media Buying Tools

Given it’s Brand Safety Summit Week, we are sharing a roundup of the technological principles that support the design of adtech that can effectively accelerate audio’s already exponential growth.

These principles allow for the creation of solutions that truly understand the context within audio conversations to identify optimal advertising placements and opportunities at scale.

Below are blog articles that discuss audio adtech design for brand safety and beyond:

  1. Keywords Aren’t the Key to Podcast Advertising: This piece presents why common solutions in market are ineffective for audio, and the principles of correctly designed audio adtech.
  2. Welcome to the Era of Audio Intelligence: This piece presents how a foundational audio-first technology supports the development of multiple data and adtech solutions that podcasting needs.
  3. Introducing Automated Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting: This piece presents Sounder’s own solution for automated brand safety in audio at scale, built for advertisers and our partners upon the above principles.

We hope this helps to begin addressing the ALG’s core question.

If all market players understand how to identify or build solutions that can successfully serve the audio industry’s goals, we’ll all succeed in this collective endeavor to usher in a flourishing period in digital audio.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting and speaking with the everyone at this week’s Brand Safety Summit!
Bo Carper, SVP Enterprise & Customer Success

Bo Carper leads commercial adoption of Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud solutions. His background is in Ad Tech Partnerships (8 years at Spotify) and Data Solutions for music discovery (Gracenote and The Echo Nest).