Opt-in To Podcast Monetization With Sounder 

When it comes to podcast monetization, our creators are always eager to increase revenue generation. While collecting their feedback, we’ve been cooking up ways to make it even easier to enable monetization features–ones that you can actually “set-and-forget.”

While it’s nearly impossible to achieve 100% ad fill rate programmatically, our recent changes are getting creators closer than ever. For starters, we’ve added new ad fill providers to provide higher fill rates. This means we’re increasing the opportunity for our creators to earn more with each show. Some creators are already seeing (or hearing!) an average of 50-60% ad fill rates. Others have even doubled their monthly revenue! The bottom line is: higher fill rates equate with increased profitability.

Additionally, we’ve made it easier to enable monetization by including it as part of the onboarding workflow. We get it–this is the kind of thing that really makes your mouth water. Right now, you’re probably wondering how to start monetizing your past episodes. Well, with a few easy steps, you can enable monetization on your back catalog and set ad break preferences for forthcoming episodes. When published, your audio gems of the future will benefit from the monetization preferences you’ve already selected. Less time, fewer clicks, more money, and (we hope) a lot more satisfaction overall. 

It gets better though. Our favorite part of the new feature is that it’s available to everyone in our Sounder community. By making access quick, easy, and open, we hope to learn more about how monetization empowers our creators to generate more revenue immediately and continuously. 

Keep in mind that our monetization product continues to evolve, especially with the incredible help and input from our creator community. We want to be right there with you as you reach new goals, gain more listeners, and discover what you need next. Expect to see more great features soon, and please stay tuned!

We’re proud to truly say that Sounder has been built for and with our content creators, so please continue to share your feedback with us at support@sounder.fm or directly on social (Twitter, Instagram). 

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