Podcast Episode — Popular Podcast Formats, Live Podcast Events up 2,000% and More.

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Mark Leonard posted in article in Medium entitled, “The Seven Most Common Podcast Formats”. We were interested in seeing which formats are the most common and here they are.

At number 1, One-on-one interviews. This is the most common simply because it is the easiest to develop content around the guest you are interviewing. Solo commentary came in at number two, an example of this would be this very podcast you are listening to right now. Panel, Guest Interview or Discussion came next. This is a little more difficult as it takes good panelists and topics to make it educational for listeners At number 4, Nonfiction Narrative Storytelling. Examples of this would be Serial or This American Life. At 5, Fictional Story Telling, examples include Welcome to Nightvale and We’re Alive: A “Zombie” Story of Survival. 6, Hybrid. This is of course a combination of any of the above and coming in at number 7, Repurposed Content. This is popular amongst historical radio shows that have repurposed their show to be in podcast format.

Something very interesting is happening within the podcast industry where listeners are paying relatively high ticket prices to see live podcast shows in theaters. According to Vivid Seats, live podcasting events have grown 2,000% since 2012. Live events offer podcasts the opportunity to monetize outside of audio ad revenue, which is growing but still pretty small compared to radio ad revenue. With that said, ticket prices range from $58 a ticket to over $117.

Are podcasts getting shorter or is it just my imagination? With This WeekInPodcasting we keep our shows under 10 minutes but what are the trends within the industry? In fact, in 2014, roughly 15% of the top 500 podcasts were over 90 minutes long. In 2019, this has significantly dropped to only 3%. However, episodes ranging from 0 to 15 minutes, like ours, has gone from 3% of total in 2015 to 16% in 2019. We believe short form audio is the future and we will see a much larger percentage of podcasts falling within this range.

Today’s random podcasting thought is…. “Deep fake audio,” We still live in a robotic voice world. Siri, Alexa and OK Google are boring and still sound like robots underwater. All of this may eventually change. What if you were able to select your smart speaker voice based on your favorite actor, musician or athlete? Theoretically, if there is enough audio data from a particular actor for example, you could feed the audio into an AI voice machine and that voice could become your personalized voice assistant.

An AI company called Dessa has built some incredible deep fake audio using the trove of audio data with Joe Rogan’s Voice. This could be the first step into making our voice assistants less robotic.

That’s all we have for this Week in Podcasting, we will talk to you next week.

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