The US podcast market is expected to reach $1.6B in podcast advertising revenue by 2022. At its prime, blogging was a major way for businesses to evangelize, educate customers, reach new customers and even monetize in ways they weren’t able to do before. Blogging had a good decade run but now there is an even more powerful medium that is taking over. Podcasts. Below is the interest overtime for the term podcast. As you can see it has been accelerating rapidly since around October 2014.

In May of 2018, the search interest in podcasts surpassed the search interest in blogs.

The search phrases associated with blogging have also been declining. Below are the terms “wordpress” and “plugins.” Both are synonymous with blogging.

Comparatively, podcast related terms are on the rise. Below are terms for “how to podcast” and “podcast app”

Suggested search queries on Google when typing in “how to monetize..” shows audio monetization number 4 with soundcloud and number 5 with a podcast. How to monetize your blog is down to number 10.

So where is the podcast industry going? With the proliferation of smart speaker devices, a screenless computer feature and social media burnout, we believe the podcast market is poised to continue to rise at a dramatic rate.

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