It’s like having a smooth operator, for your podcast import.

Today, we are excited to launch a major upgrade to the way creators import their podcast to Sounder. Switching podcasting platforms is not a lighthearted decision. Creating quality audio content is intensive work. You want to feel confident that your data will migrate to a new platform seamlessly. It’s table stakes for any creator looking to make a switch.

Over the last few weeks, the team has redesigned the process from the ground up. The new import experience abides by two core principles we’ve heard time and time again from creators we spoke to:

#1 Transparency

Now, throughout the Sounder’s upgraded import process, creators can track exactly what metadata and content Sounder is capturing from a creator’s current podcasting platform. Understanding what artwork, episodes, and categories are migrating is essential to add confidence in the import process.

Image: Import Details and Validation

#2 Guidance

At Sounder, we strive to be solution-oriented. What good is merely flagging potential errors in a your RSS feed without offering a fix for those errors? That’s why whenever our new import flow notices a missing field or a potential error, we offer the specific steps required to address it. Creators can fix problems in their old RSS feed before importing their podcast to Sounder, which avoids re-work or messy clean up afterwards.

Image: Error Resolution Prompts

Plus, when the import process is finally complete, we now give creators the episode-level results in both the Sounder platform and as an email to every creator. If there are no issues, follow the clear instructions on how to finalize your podcast’s migration with a 301 redirect, an action that works like mail forwarding for your RSS feed. If we do find an issue—for example, a particular audio file did not import—we let you know where it is and how to fix it.

Been thinking about migrating to Sounder?

Give our new import flow a spin and let us know what you think. Setting up a new Sounder account and migrating your content has never been easier. Get podcasting in 5 minutes or less.

Have feedback or a new idea that’d improve the podcasting experience for all creators with Sounder? Message us at support@sounder.fm!

Cheers to giving your podcast platform an upgrade with Sounder!