The Easiest Way to Record Studio Quality Podcasts or Video From Anywhere

Most podcasters have great ideas for creating content but sometimes struggle to find the appropriate recording software. It can also be tedious, not to mention expensive, to find equipment that matches your recording needs and environment. Here’s where comes in. offers anyone the opportunity to record studio-quality podcasts and video interviews from literally anywhere, and all from the click of a browser. Sounds easy, right? It gets better.

A spinning wheel of death, low connectivity, page loading…loading…loading…Zzzzzz. We’ve all experienced the agony and frustrations of painfully slow internet connection. With, your recordings always look and sound amazing regardless of your internet connection and deliver up to 4k video quality. also delivers speed and security. Your content is uploaded in real-time while you’re recording. That means you can hit stop and download your recordings in seconds. What happens if your computer crashes midway or you accidentally reload? No problem. The recordings are saved automatically. Pure wizardry!

You’re always just one step away from the action. You can schedule and invite up to 8 guests with just one click. also helps make it easy for your guests and producers to join you with the same one-step ease. One-click, all from a Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop, and you’re ready to record magic.

Ready to get started? Take advantage of the 30% off any yearly plan with code “SOUNDERFM”. Check out for more. 

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