Simple to Implement Title Best Practices for Podcasters

There are a variety of things you can do to get more listens on your podcast. Below are a list of a few things that can help.

As always, the great data from PacificContent has a few suggestions.

Show Title Name Tips

Show titles should be clear, concise, unique, specific, and evocative. They need to telegraph a show’s content, tone, treatment, and values. Show titles also need to be optimized for search, avoid redundancies with other metadata, and display cleanly in major podcast apps.

What is the Average Length for a Podcast Title?

  • The mean average show title is 23.9 characters (From 658,957 podcasts)

What about the Titles of the Most Popular Shows?

  • From the itune top 200 podcasts, the average title length is 22.6 characters
  • Best Practice: Don’t use all 250 characters for Title. Keep it short < 25 characters.

To add “Podcast” or Not to add “Podcast” within the Title

  • 21% of the analyzed podcasts have “podcast” in the title
  • Best Practice: — Don’t add the word “Podcast” in your title
  • As more and more podcasts enter the market, search and discovery engines like Google Podcast and iTunes will start to look at this like they look at the web with website keyword stuffing.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

  • Best Practice: Just like webpages, if you start to keyword stuff your title and description, some podcast search engines will demote your podcast within the algorithms or completely ban you from the site.

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