Meet Alexandra Cohl from Our September SoundHER Podcast Feature: POD.DRALAND

SoundHER is an interview series where the ladies of Sounder have candid conversations with influential women in podcasting about their journey to success. Read on for industry tips, poignant POVs, and a ton of audio inspiration. Tell Us About POD.DRALAND’s Podcast Journey Although POD.DRALAND didn’t officially launch until July 16, 2019, I had been marinatingContinue reading “Meet Alexandra Cohl from Our September SoundHER Podcast Feature: POD.DRALAND”

Competitive Analysis Through Spying

When you have greater visibility into your competition, you are able to answer internal strategic questions much more quickly than if you were to go through the process of solving the problem yourself. For example, strategic questions like: How can we dramatically increase qualified traffic to our site for free? What marketing message is mostContinue reading “Competitive Analysis Through Spying”

Resourceful Companies Tend to Be Successful Companies

When you think of company resources you may think of money, time, employees, technology, etc. I can say with utmost certainty that there is not a positive correlation between the number of resources a company has and the increased probability of success. It certainly makes it easier if you have resources but the most successfulContinue reading “Resourceful Companies Tend to Be Successful Companies”

The Fake it Until You Make it Approach To Business Validation

In 1984 Richard Branson’s flight from Puerto Rico to The British Virgin Islands was cancelled. The airline didn’t have enough passengers to warrant a flight so he decided to charter one, grabbed a blackboard and as a joke wrote, ‘Virgin Airlines’ on top of it. He then wrote $39 one way to BVI. He wentContinue reading “The Fake it Until You Make it Approach To Business Validation”

Tips to Becoming More Creative

Being creative is one of the most important traits of being resourceful. Some people are born with the ability to leverage their right side of the brain more than others. The right side of the brain is responsible for art awareness, creativity, imagination, intuition, insight, holistic thought, and music awareness. As compared to the leftContinue reading “Tips to Becoming More Creative”

5 Questions to Ask During In-Person Interviews for New Products

The In-person interviews tend to be much more helpful than just customers surveys for a variety of reasons. One, they are much more personal and you are talking to a potential future customer who is in your target market. Two, when you ask open-ended questions, you may not only get validation for your idea butContinue reading “5 Questions to Ask During In-Person Interviews for New Products”

A Simple Vision and Alignment Tool For Any Business — V2MOM

Your original strategy cannot be 100% set in stone. It must, however, be strong and malleable enough to be hammered, stretched, poked and prodded out of shape without breaking or cracking. As the industry landscape changes, your strategy will shift shape multiple times over and your purpose and passion will get you through the inevitableContinue reading “A Simple Vision and Alignment Tool For Any Business — V2MOM”

How to Find Market Size Podcast and New Business Research on The Fly

Google is the ultimate search tool, ask it the below questions and you will have enough market research information to determine the size and growth of your target market for your podcast within 10 minutes. Many successful, scalable and resourceful businesses focus on niche markets. For example if you are building an online dating appContinue reading “How to Find Market Size Podcast and New Business Research on The Fly”

Spotify Paid $151MM for

In February of 2019, Spotify announced they were acquiring We now know the total purchase price for the company was $151MM. The total purchase price consisted of $139MM in cash and $12MM related to the fair value of partially vested share-based payment awards replaced. Photo by Alphacolor on Unsplash In connection with the acquisition ofContinue reading “Spotify Paid $151MM for”

Startup Center — OKRs — Objectives and Key Results

While at Google, we lived by the OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Each quarter, the company would develop the quarterly OKRs. Each department would then align their department OKRs to the company’s. From there, each individual team member would align their OKRs to the department’s. This transparency aligned the entire organization to move in theContinue reading “Startup Center — OKRs — Objectives and Key Results”