Sounder Is Out Of Beta: Building For An Audio-First Future

Sounder’s co-founders, Kal Amin, Dan Daugherty, and Goran Krgović, landscape major challenges in the podcast industry and introduce their solution. The State of Podcasting Today At the end of 2020, we could see 20 million new podcast episodes published online. That’s a distinct episode for nearly every single resident of Florida. While podcasting may haveContinue reading “Sounder Is Out Of Beta: Building For An Audio-First Future”

How Much do Podcast Jobs Pay?

Similar to how Google and Facebook created new job opportunities within the advertising space, the podcast industry is on a similar path. According to ZipRecruiter, there are currently 751 podcast specific podcast jobs within the US. Obviously, this isn’t every single job but just the available podcast jobs within ZipRecruiter. How much do podcast jobs pay?Continue reading “How Much do Podcast Jobs Pay?”

Traditional Media Companies and Podcasting

Traditional media companies are starting to embrace podcasting and it is starting to pay off. The New York Times has one of the most popular daily podcasts called the TheDaily and it launched in February of 2017. In this short amount of time, TheDaily now has well over 100MM downloads and has reached over 2Continue reading “Traditional Media Companies and Podcasting”