The Emotional States of Resourcefulness

“Rational thoughts never drive people’s creativity the way emotions do.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson The act of being resourceful is not derived from one single thought or action an individual or group has or does. It is, however a combination of consistent and decisive thoughts and actions that are within the spectrum of a variety of resourcefulContinue reading “The Emotional States of Resourcefulness”

The Podcast Ecosystem is Larger Than You Think

One of the world’s best and leading VCs, Andreessen Horowitz, recently released their 2019 podcast ecosystem report. The report is full of nuggets and details about the podcast industry. Podcast Consumption is Rapidly Growing Apple Accelerated Podcast Consumption on Mobile Devices Macro Trends Around Smart Speakers and Connected Devices within the Car Could Accelerate Growth Even Further AppleContinue reading “The Podcast Ecosystem is Larger Than You Think”

Q1 of 2019 Has Been the Best Quarter Ever for Podcast Related Investments

The Venture Capitalists are not only investing in the podcast industry at an all-time high, they are also embracing this medium in ways we haven’t seen since they started blogging a decade ago. Some of the VCs who also have a podcast. From Fortune. a16z podcast by Andreessen Horowitz The Riff by Box Group’s DavidContinue reading “Q1 of 2019 Has Been the Best Quarter Ever for Podcast Related Investments”