One of the world’s best and leading VCs, Andreessen Horowitz, recently released their 2019 podcast ecosystem report. The report is full of nuggets and details about the podcast industry.

Podcast Consumption is Rapidly Growing

Apple Accelerated Podcast Consumption on Mobile Devices

Macro Trends Around Smart Speakers and Connected Devices within the Car Could Accelerate Growth Even Further

Apple Podcast Market Share has Decreased from 80% to 63% in the Past Few Years

Spotify is now Second Largest Podcast App and Has Doubled Market Share in the Last Year to 9%

There are Five Types of Podcast Publishers

Podcast Hosting is Extremely Fragmented

Podcast Ad Revenue is Growing

Today, Podcast Monetization is Through Direct Response and Host Read Advertising (Not Scalable)

Significant Startup Exits Over Last 5 Years

Podcast Investments have Exploded

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