Get pumped podcasters! One of our favorite Sounder Plus tools just got even better. We’ve added even more customization features to help you make your sharable content just as unique as your podcast is.

Our enhanced Videobites feature helps make sharing the best parts of your podcast on social even more customizable and distinct for your show. 

Here’s What’s Changed: 

  • Customizable Background Images
    • Upload a custom image for your Videobites background to help special episodes or guest appearances standout from the rest of your regularly featured content
    • Or, use your Podcast show artwork to amplify your branding on everything you share  
  • Control Scaling 
    • Shrink or expand what you upload to make it fit just right
  • Control Blurring 
    • Crisp quality images that mirror the quality of your content are just a click away
  • Modifiable Text Color
    • You can now control your Transcription text color to help make it pop
    • Update your background colors to better suit your vibe (when artwork is scaled)
    • Change your Podcast and episode name text color to stay onbrand or in season 

If you’re new to our Videobites feature, check out our last blog post to learn more about how this tool can help support your podcast audience growth. 

Already a Videobites fan? Be sure to tag us on social. We’d love to share your content too! Take it even further and send us an email at support@sounder.fm or DM us on Twitter or Instagram so we can showcase your Podcast and videobites in future posts and emails. Happy Podcasting! 

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