Bo has joined Sounder’s leadership team to connect our Audio Data Cloud technology with key players throughout the podcasting ecosystem. With each partnership, we draw nearer to the future of audio.

About Bo

I’ve spent the past 15 years at best-in-class companies focused on audio innovation. Most recently, during my 8+ years at Spotify I was responsible for signing and developing the ecosystem of partners and vendors required to grow the global ads business and expand into podcasts. This included Ad Serving, Measurement, Identity, Programmatic and Creative Production and even Background Music. Prior to my career in tech, I was a full-time touring musician with a band I started in 2000.  I stay connected to music by continuing to perform at small festivals and events whenever I can.  


1. Why did you choose to join Sounder?

I believe that Sounder is going to profoundly influence the future of audio through cutting-edge innovations in the podcast space, and I absolutely want to be part of it. There is so much value yet to unlock in podcasting & advertising, and I’ve always been drawn to companies that focus on great unsolved problems in audio. My experience at Spotify provided great perspective on the opportunity, and I am 100% confident in Sounder’s cutting-edge technology and visionary leadership team.

2. Tell us a bit about your role on the team.

As SVP of Enterprise Sales and Client Success, I’ll be responsible for driving successful adoption of our Audio Data Cloud to make audio better for all the key players in this ecosystem. Sounder will eventually become ubiquitous in every decision and transaction related to podcast monetization, discovery and personalization.

3. What podcasts are you streaming lately? Why do you like them?

For politics & culture, I’m a Fresh Air superfan. And for pure entertainment, I just re-listened to Wind of Change, about the CIA’s involvement in the creation of a worldwide megahit song, which is incredibly entertaining and funny.

4. What’s an interesting fact about you most people don’t know? 

My college degree is in Film Production, and I still dream about making a blockbuster hit movie someday. 

5. Who’s a podcaster or thought leader you admire today? Why?

I am a lifelong superfan of Terry Gross. I think she is the best interviewer on the planet, and her range of topics is extraordinary.  

6. What career accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’m really proud of my role in helping Spotify grow audio monetization across the industry, which helped more creators live off of their work, and helped publishers and marketers achieve their goals.

Fast Five

8. Go-to karaoke song? 

Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix!

9. What’s your favorite way to spend your free time?

Playing and attending music festivals.  To me, the greatest American institution is the three-day camping music festival.

10. What’s your favorite trip you’ve been on?

Each of the three RV Trips I’ve taken with my wife and kids since 2020 have provided lifetime memories. We’ve been all over the West Coast, Southwest, and Northeast so far. I love traveling on wheels through the United States. 

11. If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?

The power to speak and understand all human & animal languages fluently.

12. What’s something still on your bucket list?

To be interviewed by Terry Gross for Fresh Air. In my book, that will mean I’ve truly arrived!

We’re excited to have Bo Carper join our leadership team. A top talent in audio partnerships, we’re thrilled to work with him on bringing the Audio Data Cloud to key players throughout the podcasting industry.

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