Srichi has joined the Sounder team this summer to dive in on our brand safety solution and help us find optimal partners who’d benefit from our technology. Learn more at Sounder’s brand safety solution.

About Srichi Dalai

Srichi Dalai is a sophomore at the University of Chicago and is double majoring in Economics and Cognitive Science. She interested in consulting and venture capital, and has a deep passion for helping startups reach their fullest potential.


1. Why did you choose to join Sounder?

I chose Sounder because it is easily understandable, effectively marketable, and tangibly expandable. Sounder is a prime example of a growth mindset, which is what draws me most to startups. In addition, technology is a fast growing industry that I have yet to fully understand, so Sounder is the perfect company for me to learn while also enjoying my time and the work that the company has to offer. I am also an avid podcast listener and would love to know more about the industry. 

2. Tell us a bit about your role on the team.

As a business development intern, my role is to research potential clients to acquire as a customer for Sounder to grow their platform, influence, and brand in general. Currently, I am researching the top 100 audio companies to understand their audio footprint and then evaluating whom Sounder can best partner with to expand their advertising potential.

3. What podcasts are you streaming lately? Why do you like them?

Freakonomics!! I love learning about different takes that I had not considered before in common topics. For instance, how are roundabouts the economic and sustainable “cure” to climate change? Or how does parenting style affect the output of a child’s work? 

4. What’s an interesting fact about you most people don’t know? 

I am able to understand 5 languages!

5. Who’s a podcaster or thought leader you admire today? Why?

As a UChicago student, I find Steven Levitt’s thinking style incredibly fascinating because as a professor known for his famous research books, he hates research. So how does one go about perfecting something they dislike? Levitt constantly asks himself and others researchers this question, which raises questions of how the environment affects one’s actions.

6. What career accomplishment are you most proud of?

This past March, my team and I $30,000 in funding for our startup, Standout Search, during the College New Venture Challenge competition.

Fast Five

8. Go-to karaoke song? 

Party in the USA

9. What’s your favorite way to spend your free time?


10. What’s your favorite trip you’ve been on?

Venice, Italy with my parents and younger brother

11. If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?

Teleportation because helps the environment and saves time!

12. What’s something still on your bucket list?

Find a friend in each of the 50 states. I currently have accomplished 29 states, only 21 left to go!

We’re excited to have Srichi join the team and help us reach new leaders in audio with our Brand Safety solution!

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