Of all the 2 million podcasts out there today, the same challenge is on every creators’ mind: how do I get more people to listen to my show? Whether the motivating factor is making money via monetization, topping the charts, or building a community, a bustling podcast audience is a major indicator of success. Not to mention all those fuzzy feelings when you see people tuning in to share your passion.

To this end, the Sounder team did a LOT of research about what helps a podcast get more listeners. First, we filled the Sounder Discovery Suite with a beautiful embeddable player, in-audio search, and more. Today, we’re adding automatic YouTube distribution, SEO-driven episode descriptions, Videobites, and more! We upgraded the Sounder Plus subscription with four brand new, automated, and totally innovative features and reduced the price.

You may already know and love Sounder for our free growth tools and personalized hosting. We’re excited to continue delivering our promise of being an end-to-end podcast platform by offering Sounder Plus. This article will dig into all the growth and customization features included in Sounder Plus, how they work, and exactly how they will help you grow your audience.

Automatic Distribution to YouTube

What Is Automatic Distribution to YouTube?

As part of our larger automatic distribution capacity to all major listening platforms, Sounder Plus gives creators the option to publish new episodes to their existing YouTube channel automatically. 

How Does It Work? 

Once creators connect their Google account to Sounder (YouTube is part of Google), they can publish new episodes of their podcasts to their YouTube channel. YouTube distribution follows the same publishing rules set in your overall episode management. What gets posted to YouTube is an automatically created video asset leveraging our quality transcription tools.

How Will It Grow My Audience?

In the last year, 43% of podcast listeners said they listened to a podcast on YouTube, making it a goldmine for creators looking to tap into new audiences. Being on YouTube is essential for growing your audience, especially for audiences who are still not heavy podcast listeners yet (i.e., they don’t search for podcasts but search YouTube for things). 81% of Americans use YouTube, making it the most popular online platform by a wide margin, according to a new Pew survey. New podcast listeners are still browsing YouTube. Are you there for them to find?

Stay tuned for our next blog post which will cover the Who, What, Why and How of Videobites

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